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"The hand that spun a legend will also become a legend itself."


Welcome to the Net Slum, a place that exists in The World, yet doesn't. It is a place not accessible to System Administrators. A place where failed or unwanted data gather.

User ImageThis is a guild for all .hack fans, whether you watch the anime, read the manga or play the games. Participate in discussions, roleplay with other members, chat it up in the chatterbox and enter all sorts of contests; there's something here for every .hack fan!

I have a few simple rules you need to read before joining.


I will know if you haven't read the rules, trust me.

User Image 1. You must be a .hack fan obviously!
2. Respect the Captain as well as her lovely moderators and fellow members.
3. When you fill out your request to join, mention something about Harald Hoerwick to show that you've read the rules (even if you just say his name somewhere randomly...).
4. Follow the Gaia ToS. Find it here.
5. Have fun or I'll PK you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Grieverr, BreathlessX, The Slate Scholar, Sauce-Kay, or Animekitty13.
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If you were denied, it was because you didn't read the rules. That's the ONLY reason I'll deny you (or if you are blacklisted). In the case that you are denied, read the rules again and send me a PM asking to join and I will send you an invitation ASAP.


(PM Grieverr or Sauce-Kay to become one)

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If you would like to donate to the guild, please send it to Net Slum Dweller, the guild mule.
The reason for this, is that this guild isn't in need of anymore subforums and that's the only thing I can do with all the gold. If you send it to the mule, I'll be able to use it for contest prizes.