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This guild is now closed to new membership.

What is written below is kept simply as a record of when we were an open community. Best of luck on your journey to find a writing community that fits your needs.

Welcome to the homepage of the largest literate roleplaying community in the registry. With over three thousand members, this has become a guild where exceptional roleplayers of Gaia come together to collaborate. We can all type up a pretty sentence proving that yes, despite the angst in Barton OOC, there are crafty people out there who know how to wield their words.

To gain access into this community, there is no secret code you need to know. You just have to be able to roleplay and roleplay well. Requirements are simple.

Good faith effort
Mistakes are going to happen, but there is always time to review a post before submitting it. You must be willing to correct all mistakes to the best of your ability before hitting the shiny "submit" button. Use spellcheck if you have to.

Two paragraphs per post minimum
Two paragraphs, as in eight to ten well-developed, well-thought sentences. We strictly enforce this rule.

Type in third person, past tense
There have been exceptions to this rule. People have conducted roleplays where everyone writes in the first person, but unless that is the writing style of the entire roleplay, it is expected that everyone type in the third person, past tense.

No symbols to depict thoughts or actions
We post in novel format. Do not use them in your sample or inside the guild; you will be removed without warning.

Terms of Service
Gaia has standards. The one we combat the most is the PG-13 rating all content must be at or under. You must follow all of the Rules and Guidelines as well as the Terms of Service GaiaOnline has set up. Failure to comply makes Crewmembers cranky. You don't want that.

You must read!
This thread here will outline the expectations of all members. Submitting a join request means that you have read and understand what it means to be a member of this guild and agree to abide by the rules.

Joining is easy. Simply submit a roleplaying sample. There should not be any OOC text within the join request. No information about yourself is needed. Please do not have your sample be describing your character. Do not give us links. Review your piece before submitting it to catch any mistakes you may have made. Post history is checked and is a deciding factor in if your request is accepted or not. Impress us with the sample. Give us your best so we know what you're capable of.

If the sample exceeds the character maximum of the join request, simply cut out the excess. We will see the quality without the quantity!

If you were declined, do not PM crewmembers asking why. Try again when you think you've improved.

If accepted, we're here when you want to roleplay. There is no activity requirement, just a "literacy" standard.

If you don't understand what's meant by "roleplay sample," this probably isn't the place for you.

Crewmembers actively moderate. We only wish to have members who are serious about maintaining quality in their writing. People who cannot abide by our standard of 'literate roleplaying' will not remain within guild.

Do not ask to be an affiliate.