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Welcome to the Kuro Gang's head quarters. We are an organization that has lasted for centuries, and we will exist for many more to come. If you are a Dark Elf, or a friend to our kind, you are welcome and free to make yourself at home.

Any Dark Elf is allowed to join the family. Treason will NOT be tolerated... but we don't have to worry about that, now do we?

Trust us... we're an offer you can't refuse.

Don- l Raze l
Consigliere- Blood Assassin 32
Satto Capo(s)- Blood Assassin7,SamuraiBlazexFlame,King Smeagol,MikeOfTheCross,RoxyChick2003
Family- All Members


Questing Forum - Post Your Dream Avi And Receive Donations From Our Community

Rp Forum - Make An Rp Character, Post In Our 2 Role Playing Forums And Have Fun

Games/Contest Forum - Post Any Games You Know And Participate In Ones That Are Already Made, Also Compete In Contests To Win Gold And Items

Chatterbox - Find Something Interesting? Post It Here Or Just Talk Whatever You Want

Art Forum - Post Any Artistic Creations You Have Contests Will Be Run In This Forum For Best Drawings And Other Things Such As Avatar's

Discussion Forum - Talk About Whatever You Want, Debate, Have Fun

Suggestion Forum - Have Anything To Make The Guild Better? Drop Whats On Your Mind In There And We Will Listen To Your Suggestions And Do Whats Best For The Guild

Moderation Request Forum - Think You Have What It Takes To Become A Mod? Post Here And Request It We'll Look It Over (By Flipping A Coin) And Decide Whether You're Cut Out For The Job

If You Join I Hope You Enjoy Our Guild And To Post your Welcoming Message In Our Guilds Welcoming Forum We Promise A Warm Welcome

(Please Do Not Donate To The Guild Account, Please Donate To "The Kuro Gang Mule"