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Looking for a particular formula to craft an item? Or, how about items released from a Chance Item (Random Item Generator) of yesteryear? Tired of looking through the Gold Shops for a particular item? We have a sub-forum dedicated to all sorts of items Gaia's released.

Welcome to The Item Guild. This guild is a one stop location containing all off of Gaia's items.

We're a public guild dedicated to helping the community when it comes to Gaia's items. Updated daily with new information, you never have to worry about when a particular item has been released.

We look forward to you becoming a lively member to make this guild great!
There is only one rule every one needs to follow, and is the rule of the Terms of Service (ToS).

If there is a problem you have with another user, contact a Crew member via PM to have the problem solved. If it's something beyond our control, we'll recommend someone who can!

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