The Imps of Gaia!
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"You follow a dirt path through a forest.. You hear mischievious laughs of Devil Imps, the harmonious singing of Angel Imps.. and even the giggles and growls of Gimpis... This path will lead you to the territory of The Imps of Gaia.. Watch out for playful Angel Imps, mysterious Gimpis, and evil Devil Imps...."

We are a large flock of free Imps, part of the very first guild in Gaia dedicated to Imps!
We are the first, original flock of Imps, simply called The Imps of Gaia. We are currently the largest and most active flock in Gaia. We hope you enjoy our Impian Paradise. Whether you're an Imp or a human who is questing to become an Imp, or even a human taking care of your own little Imp, we would love for you to be in our guild. Join in!

The Imps of Gaia meeting place is officially 5 Barton 004400. Come and talk to us, there's almost always someone there!

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