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The Humble Gods Guild was originally created in 2005, by Nicole and her four brothers(who are still the Guild Master and Moderators...)for the MMO-RPG Perfect World. Since then, they have established The Humble Gods Guild in several other MMO-RPGs such as Rakion, Gunz, Flyff, Counter Strike Steam, Rose, Freestyle, and World Of Warcraft. All guilds are active till today, helping those who need it, building a family, providing equality amongst all members.

The Guild Originators and Creators(They are siblings...)

Our guild is open to all of those who want to join.

Our guild is all about helping others and each other. You can meet new people, get help for anything you need, and just plain have fun. We have donations, contests, and we also have RPing! We believe that there is a God-like quality in everyone, it is how you use it, that makes you a Humble God. 3nodding We are here to help you, so come join us!

We only require one must be an active member.

A little extra piece of information, this guild was officially established here on GAIA on July 11, 2008. Even though it says otherwise, that's cause the guild was bought second hand and was cleared out for new use. 3nodding

Now, to help you know your way around our guild, you can go into Guild Member Orientation, it will help you get the hang of things around here. 3nodding

Oh, any donations to the guild are highly appreciated, those donations will help those in need, and will help us sponsor more guild events and give aways! 3nodding Members who wish to donate, please do not donate to the guild page, instead, just click the link below to donate by sending a trade to The Humble Gods Mule, those who donate and what they donated are automatically listed in The Humble Gods Guild Donators List, so those who are even visiting this page may donate as well, thank you for your generosity! 3nodding

Donate to The Humble Gods Mule

We really hope you consider joining us, you will not regret it! And if you are already a member, welcome to the home page! 3nodding

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