A Guild for Gay and Bisexual Guys

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This is a guild for Gaians that identify as male regardless of sexual orientation. It was created to give gay and bisexual men a safe place to interact with one another. This also includes those who are transitioning from Female to Male. However, female Gaians and those who are transitioning from Male to Female are not allowed to join. There are several LGBT guilds that are all inclusive such as The Gaian Gay-Straight Alliance. Please apply there!

Before signing up:

- Make sure your profile is public. We do not allow private accounts to join the guild. Once we verify the validity of your account you can make your profile private once again.

- Only one account is allowed. By this I mean that mule accounts are not allowed to join. If you would like to reapply under a new account please remove the old one and send the captain a PM when you join.

These steps are to help weed out trolls and spamming accounts. Thank you in advanced for your cooperation!


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"Hello. I'm your friendly neighborhood mule. Pleased to meet you!"