Welcome to The Gaian Vampire Army [GVA]
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Are you a vampire and need to feed on the blood of the living? Do you hate humans and their retched ways, its just sickening. Well Band together with your brethren and help us rid the world of these humans and convert them to trans. Trans are a sort of vampire that looks normal but is dark and mysterious. Lucky for Trans they are friends with the vampire but they do not need to hunt. Each of us vampires have attributes that make us powerful. But at the same time can make us weak. So join us. But if you are a human and want to become on of us then talk to me, The Leader of the army my name is Flavored Babies and i will see if you are worthy, but consider yourself warned we are not very hospitable to humans.

Trans all look differently but i say the ones that are most like vampires as some of us have the same Quliaties as vampires are these are mainly these 4 types of Trans.

Dark Trans :dressed in black very dark powers and normally demonic weapons
Clawus Trans : have demonic claws and dark colored hair also have evil eyes
Lonely Trans: people with a shadow thats peering over there shoulder and there normally looking like there an outcast
Shadow Trans: ones that have a dark aura or many shadows in there avi or that have a shadow mask or they cover there face or darker clothes that cover all skin but face

Trans are nothing like humans but be warned do not get Half Trans these half breeds (us the other half is vampire) is normally human, holy beings or another demon or a animal bread with a trans female.

Join Form:

Vampire or Trans?:
How long have you been on Gaia:
What is your motivation for joining?:

~Obey the ToS (Of course)
~Be respectful of your superiors
~Be respectful to the other members
~Address Vytro by Master
~Be literate no "txt tlk"
~No one word posts or bumping
~Do not Pm Vytro if you want something, post it.