The Gaian Response is a growing community within the community of Gaiaonline. We are a prestigious group growing rapidly; come and be apart of our community. We are an educated mass of people who organize here to communicate both real life policies as well as those found at our backdoor of Gaiaonline. We invite all members of all views to our humble home, but ask kindly to stay open-minded and well educated. Subjects within will be dealt with at an official level, we do not want monkeying around except within our designated chatterbox section.

It is time for everyone to take off their blindfolds and see the truth in front of them. Let us join together my fellow people, and urge towards the change we all seek.

- Zakery (Guild Vice-Captain)

Join if you are hoping to commit yourself to make a difference.
Your opinions are welcome here.
-Stephanos (Guild Leader)

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Well this is for who know there is something wrong with the world and want to make a change...

Even if your only one person... one person can make a DIFFERENCE


We need your help.

If you want to BE promoted ask Stephanos Voltaire. ^ ^ I'll reply as Fast as I can.

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Support the cause and get the word out to everyone you know about us! (;