The unofficial official guild of TJ09's

Temporary Edit 2: Slightly updated, still looking to add more soon (banners, graphics, the works. More descriptions, and maybe rules, as well).

Alright, Welcome to the DC Guild! The Guild is a place where dragon owners can get together and chat about anything in the cave. Whether it be rares, or breeding, or trading, you can discuss it here.

The Guild is also the home of the Egg Sanctuary, a thread that has hundreds of dragons posted on the front page, for easy clicking/viewing. You can add you own dragons there by posting your dragons' BB codes in the thread (and you don't have to be a member of the Guild, either, but it's recommended).

Another feature is our Eggspam subforum, which has an Eggspam topic with frequent clickers and nearly 1000 pages, an Emergency Egg thread for helping dying dragons get a chance at surviving, and a thread for pokeplushies and Valenth.

The Guild also has a couple other features as well, such as an RP subforum, a questing subforum, and a help subforum.

Goodbye, and good luck raising your dragons! I hope to see you in the Guild!

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Note: Please DO NOT donate to the guild. We have much more than enough money, and donating yours would just be wasting all your hard work. Thank you.