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This is a cancer awareness movement originally brought to Gaia in support of Long Vo/VO, one of the founders of Gaia, whose father died from cancer in April 2006.

The Daffodil Movement is held through the month of April. During the event, users equip a daffodil bouquet on their avi to show support. The yellow daffodil is a symbol of renewal and hope, chosen by the American Cancer Society as an icon for the fight against cancer.

We host threads with information on as many cancers as possible, host contests, and celebrate life as well as remembering those lost.

The guild is where people can meet up and chat. It's also where we hold contests and other things. All year round the guild is open for memorial threads, hanging out, and getting to know each other. We often hold contests as well.

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They have now won two years on a row! Donations both years have gone to !