Welcome =DD
ur in for a fuhkload of fun and variety in this guild we role play help u with avatar fashon tell glitches FIND A WOMEN maybe XD express emotions plz dont ask meto be a mod i dont like kiss ups D if u guys donate to the guild i will hold a few contests if we get a glitch i will post an anouncment forr yah =DD plz post lots! if u r inactive for more then 2 mounths i will banned u from the guild if u r going somewhere and going to be gone for more then 2 mounths but be bak and posting pm me plz or u will be mad at urself hehe i encorage posting and helping ppl out i will make a website for the guild and post the link in this home page !!!!!!!itll have games and every thing ask me if u want me to post a cheat on it make an acount on the site to it has im on it so u cn talk to ur friends our sig song is the doom song by girr hes the pascot to! dont hate it
RULE 1. dont hate the mascot yo >D
RULE 2. mods and crew will be treated with respect and me well i <3 haterzz so i dun give a FUHK!
RULE 3. HAVE FUN BITCHEZ!!! fun song >>>http// =DD haha u clicked!
mainly the colors i all the bright 1s i h8 darks colors D= NO OFFENCE
the mods r the ppl who have been here sence the begining of the guild imma give a special thanc yuh to-jay_teh_most_wanted for donating me an item so i could sell it and MAKE the guild =DDD