Welcome, to the 'Assassin Outpost'.
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This is the head office of a nameless clan. The clan is lead by both Stone Temple Creep and Diablo Darkfire. Listen to what they say.

In the world, there are two types of killers. There are those that kill for fun, and there are those paid to do it. Those who deserve mention are part of of two elite groups of killers; Assassins and Bounty Hunters.

Though subtly unnoticed by those out of the business, the differences between these two groups is very minimal, yet somehow quite vast. The key simiularities are the cause and effect of being on either side. Money and power are the key factors. Both patrons kill for survival. Trained in a variety of combat skills, each individual has their major strengths brought out for the sole purpose of fulfilling their only means of existance.

To eliminate all who oppose them.

The Global Assassination Agency and the Bounty Hunters Guild have been in constant conflict for many generations. Two collective agencies, comprised of the worlds most dangerous individuals, in a constant underground war. A war that not only consists of trying to out-do one another, but also a literal battle between both agencies. A war of sorts.

An ageless and endless conflict to determine one inevitable truth: which side is mighter.
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Welcome the guild. Here, you are welcome to be creative. The main RP concept is to follow the plot of this clan on their constant struggle for survival. The fun doesn’t just have to stop there. You are welcome to create not just your own clans, but you’re welcome to join either one of the agencies.

Also, you’re not just restricted to the story of the guild. You’re welcome to create your own RPs in the walls of this guild. With sections available for creative writing and art, there’s lot of things for you to do here.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please PM me, Stone Temple Creep. I’m looking for creativity and imagination, in whatever means you feel are best suited for you. If you’re interested in joining, I will need to know two things first.
1.) What is it you are looking for in joining?
2.) What can you bring to the table for us?
Some RP testing and writing samples may be required.

I hope to see you on the flip side. Until then...