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Welcome to the Ultimate Transformers Roleplay Guild! We're talking on a massive scale! We have G1, Beast Wars, Unicron Trilogy, Animated, Movieverse, Shattered Glass and even cross-overs!

OC's human and Transformers are welcome! Humanized Transformers Roleplaying is welcome as well!

We offer a whole new level of roleplaying and creativeness! An entire guild dedicated to awesome Transformers Roleplaying! When you become a member of this guild you'll have access to this awesomeness:

Fun and creative roleplays!

Seperate roleplaying subforums for ease of access and organization!

Ideal place to find that one on one roleplay partner you've been searching for! Look through our 'classifieds' and find a perfect match!

Creative Corner that includes, fan art, OC art, Art Request/Trades and other fun!

A Discussion subfourm all about Transformers!

Prizes, Events and Contests!

Don't be shy! Joining is easy! Simply send a request saying why you would like to join the guild! As long as you give us a decent reason we'll happily accept you! :3

Koneko Midoria

Transformers and it's characters belongs to © Hasbro and © TakaraTomy.