This is a guild for all writers. At The Ardent Quill the aim is to challenge the writer and their creativity through various challenges and involvements.

We challenge members to-
  • Write pieces based on prompts provided by the guild. This will not only allow for experimenting with new ideas, but will also allow for people to compare the different approach different writers will take in tackling the same prompt.
  • Involve themselves in Round-Robin style stories, in which the different members will contribute one paragraph at a time to a story, thus challenging the writer to add constructively to a piece over whose style and plot direction they have no absolute control.
  • Contest pieces of writing based on specific themes or concepts, such as best fight scene, best use of fictional technology, best use of ambiguity, and more.

General Rules
  • All writings are copy righted to its writer. It will not be allowed for anyone else claming right to a piece of writing that belongs to other people. Anyone breaking this rule will be banded from this guild. No questions asked.

  • All Gaia rules apply here.

  • No spamming allowed. The threads does not need to be bumped either. All links can be found in the Index thread.

  • No flaming allowed. All flamers will be banned.

  • All guidelines are listed in the Welcome to the Ardent Quill thread. Please read this thread.

  • Please keep all idea for topics/titles and all comments in the Suggestions and Comments Box. If the suggestion is put on to any other thread, they will be ignored.

  • All topics/index are listed in theProject Board.