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Basically this guild is to create any topic of your choice under the condition that it doesn't violate the ToS (spamming and trolling, etc.), no repeated topics, and that there is some kind of discussion in it. To me, spamming, selling and begging will not be allowed, because I don't believe it to be a topic, as there is nothing to discuss.

It's kind of like all discussion forums in one, the only difference is, is that the topics won't be in all sorts of forums. When time comes, yes there will be subforums, but in the meantime, there is no problems with excess topics. As of now, I will be giving away things for more fun! Click here to find out more - ATG Wiki

This includes
General discussion topics
Life issues
Science & technology
Morality & religion
Sociology & psychology
RP topics are permitted.
Entertainment discussion
Music discussion
Anime/Manga/Comics discussion
Gaming Discussion
Computers & Technology

Spamming, Advertising, and begging is not counted as a topic to discuss. If you wish to revive your thread, bumping will be allowed, just not to excess. If you've been invited, it simply just means that I believe you can contribute with discussion to this guild ^^

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