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Here, in the small and under-populated town of Teufort, New Mexico, two teams are locked in an endless war for the makeshift battlegrounds they fight on; or so they're told. Really, all that these ruthless mercenaries have to worry about is doing enough to earn their paychecks. And for most of them, their backs from being stabbed. Watch out for airborn bottles; to the mercs, anything could be a Spy.

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1. Absolutely no god modding. You can’t just kill someone’s character when they don’t want them dead.
2. No supernatural characters. (e.g. Tentaspy, Monoculus, Horseless Headless Horseman, etc.)
3. This is a Semi. Literate to Literate Role-play, which means at least 1 paragraph per post.
4. Try to make more than 2 posts a week. We will be checking.
5. Third person posting only.
6. Do NOT control another persons character unless they allow it beforehand.
7. Character pictures can be anime, live-action is just preferred.

Join Request:
►Tell us why you want to join.
►Give a sample of your roleplaying skills.
►Put “Shakespearicles, the strongest writer who ever lived.” at the end of the join request.

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"Out in the Badlands lies two odd little bases. The closest town is miles away. Most people overlook it as some corporate eccentricity.

Welcome to the place know as...Tuefort.

At this end, the blue paint peels off the weathered concrete in chips, the sun has long since rose, warming the late morning air. Life begins to return and stir within this seemingly decrepit building. This is where our story begins
-Kar Alorade