Hey! Were you born with an extra organ between your legs that came with a "pair"?! Looking for a place to hide from that "kawai desu!" sh*t that Gaia seems to encourage?! Does testosterone attract you? Look no further, my good sir! You have just found salvation. Congrats. Here we praise the large, the muscle, the gruff! Here we accept anyone. Male or female. Duck or turtle. As long as you like bara, AND KEEP THAT CUTSIE sh*t TO A MINIMUM, you are welcome here any day of the year.

▌Guild Constitution

• Like any other constitution, it may change.

Please follow Gaia's T.O.S
Respect the guild's crew.
Don't harass the other members.
Please don't troll our threads like the baraboards have been.

▌How to Join
Like I said, anyone can join. Question is... What do you like about bara? One sentence is all it takes. So good luck with that. Hopefully it shouldn't be too hard

▌Making Donations ▌
WARNING: Any donation made through the guild can only be used to create sub-forums and create announcements! Therefore we ask that donations be made to our guild's mule account, Team Bara. Both Captain Taco and Vice Captain Pear have access to this account. We plan to use the mule's funds to create contests and other events. Thank you in advance!