If you wish to donate to the guild:

Please send a trade labeled GD= Guild Donations to the Vice Captian.
Then post in the Guild Money Account on the Main Page in the guild.

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T.V- Channels Not included ©Kaleadra

This Guild is always looking for active members on gaia. If you wish to join, fill out a request and when it's accepted come in and post at least 10 times. We have Member Sweeps to clear out the inactive member's in our guild.

This guild Has an RPG Castle and RPG forums if you wish to Role Play but it is mainly a guild where friends come to hang out and be themselves.

Also if you have an Ideas that would make the guild more popular and fun let us know.

Sister/Brother Guilds:

If you are a leader of a guild and wish to add us as a sister guild/ to Role play with us. Fill out a Request form with your guild link and banner.

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This is malus host of sister guild international (media) click him for link