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All of the proceeds from this lottery go to either charity or back to the lottery☺
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The idea and inspiration for this lottery came from my
friend Amensu Saje and The WindMILLION Lottery.☺

Hello, Welcome to the New Jackpot! Gaia Lottery and Contests Guild
My name is Sh4wny, or Shawn, but some of you may know me as Purple_Fr33k, my previous account. It is my goal to help all of you make money and live your dreams in Gaia. I have decided to create this lottery to help Gaians like you earn money and achieve your goals, not for my own profit. Just make sure you read all of the rules and follow all of them. In this lottery, you could Win Big and live your dreams.

The total number of tickets that will be sold for the main lottery is 25,000. 25k tickets may sound like a lot, but the more tickets you buy, the faster the winners will be determined. Each ticket will be sold for the very cheap price of 100 gold each. It is fine to only buy one ticket, but the more tickets you buy, the better your chances are of winning the Jackpot!☺

Unlike most lottery owners, I do not seek to make a profit off of this lottery. After all of the tickets are sold, I should recieve about 2,500,000 gold. I plan to give all of it back to you guys. I will give 2,500,000 gold away as main lotto prizes and much, much more as contest prizes and to charity.

This is a very safe thread and it is not a scam. Your money is perfectly safe with me. I have read and I am aware of all of the current gaia Lotto/Money Games Rules and Guidelines. It should be expected; however, that there are no refunds.

The winners will fairly be selected randomly. I will post the Gaia Online random number generator in this thread to find out the winners after all 25,000 tickets have been sold.

While in this thread, everyone is required to follow all the rules. To purchase tickets, please follow all the directions below and please contact me or an online admin if there are any problems.

This thread is suggested for anyone who is questing any item(s) or gold, someone who just wants to make extra luxury money, or just about anyone else. You could become a winner today and be living your dreams!

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For those of you who don't like to read every
single detail, here is an overview of the main lottery☺

Lottery Overview
××25,000 tickets/slots
××Only 100 gold each
××2,500,000 gold in prizes ☼
××You may buy as many
tickets as you want
××Click the main banner at
the top of the page to visit
the main lottery thread.

In this Guild, We strongly encourage Posting in the Forums and Starting New Topics!

Want to help advertise? Click here to go to
the Contests post in the main lottery thread. I will pay gold for every numbered
bump in that thread. You can earn over 133,600 gold for bumping and the person with the highest amount of bumps when the main lottery ends will win 100,000 gold. This will hopefully make the lottery more popular and it will run faster.

Please feel free to visit the guild forums and chat, vote in polls, participate in
contests, or many other activities. The larger the guild grows, the more there will be to do in
this guild. As the guild grows, I will add new contests, forums, and polls. Don't for get to have fun.

Please Invite your friends and post in the Forums

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Donations Welcome☻☺
Each guild member that donates at least 1,000 gold to the guild will be promoted