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Where Sword & ϛѲr Ҫery Ɍule

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In this guild each member takes on one persona that is living in a fictional Kingdoms of Verona Or Masedonia
You must take a craft(like wood working or metal workers) or you could attempt to be one of the kings knights or you could be a magician or a mage in training or a prince or princess anything your mind can fathom im sure we have room for it in our guild

The etting
Two kingdoms seperated by a forest are on the brink of war. The two kings once friends and there queens can no longer stand each other. A sense of uneasy calm has come over the two kingdoms. They have come to an unsettled peace but at any time any small offense could set off a full scale war. In this guild you will choose a kingdom to serve and create a charactor that will serve under the king and queen. You could choose to be a noble or common peasant. Choose a side take up your sword and live in our world

It has been 3 years since the kings of Verona and Masedonia were murdered. Each kingdom assumes the other is responsible for the assassination of their king. The two kingdoms have had small skirmishes in the forest but noting major has happened. Both kingdoms live in a state of constant fear that a full scale war will break out. The question is what will cause the kingdoms to go to war, or what will prevent it. Will you be the one to cast the first spell in the name of your kingdom, or will you be the first to raise a flag of peace to represent your kings wishes?

The Rules
. You must be dedicated. those who havent posted for the duration of a month are removed.
. Keep the cussing down
.Be nice to your fellow guildsmen
. If you have a disagreement try not to be to nasty and let it go be mature
. Do not post new topics without a VC's permission. if you have an idea about something you want to put up or start in the guild send the captain PM first
.Keep your Rp charactors realistic, and unique. no half dragon half elf half humans who are invinible this isnt that kind of guild
.If you are going to be gone for any length of time (even if just for a day or two) post in the Absences forum so you dont get removed and so your partners know what is going on.
.This is the most important rule: HAVE FUN

To Join
to join you should include: how much you can be on gaia, how you found out about us (include username of the person who told you/whose signature mentioned us if thats how you found out), and a short sample of your roleplaying skills.

After you join you should go to the profiles thread, make your character, wait for it to be approved by 3 of our guild moderators. While you wait you can find the BIRTHDAYS thread and post your birthday so you can be added to the list! you can also introduce yourself to other roleplayers in the INTRODUCTIONS thread. have fun!

The guild Chatroom