Tired of this?:

Karu falls on his a**. after bumbing into riri. He starts krying and sauys: "OMG, I'm so srry I bumbed into u!! I'm such a horrid person!"

So are we.

This guild is for LITERATE rpging with both homosexual and heterosexual pairings. The thing is, we only allow Switches and Semes. No bloody ukes.

Bottoms are allowed, provided they aren't annoying uke's. Yes, there is a difference between bottom and uke, and yes we know what it is. Which is why we prefer switches. Bear in mind we will most likely point and laugh at your ukes and whiny bottoms.

We are trying to be more laid back than the other elitist guilds that charge 200+ gold to join, but we DO have standards and if you do not meet them, you will be rejected.

If you are rejected, we will tell you why, and how you could improve. If you choose to apply again and have taken our suggestions, then we will welcome you with open arms. We are striving for QUALITY more than quantity here.

To join, you MUST submit a sample of your roleplaying with your request. If it is too big, STILL SUBMIT A REQUEST but PM your sample to LQ and/or XantatosGray (in your request, mention that you are going to pm the sample). No sample = automatic rejection (but you can reapply). Attention: your mods are Seriously Lame and do not check the join requests very often. If we don't do anything within a couple days, PM one of us and we'll review it.