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NOTE: As much as we love it when you donate, please, no longer donate through this guild home here. If you would like to donate, please send Elephant Babies a trade request with your donation. Thank you for your kindness!

Please, read through the rules below.


1. Follow the TOS
We don't wanna die.

2. Please do not stretch the pages
What I mean by this, is limit your picture spazzing.
And put spaces between long spazz phrases.

3. Making your own thread...
If you make your own thread, you are responsible for it,
not the crew.
Questions, comments or concerns will be sent to you and not the mods.
If someone sends a problem to the mods about a thread, we'll probably fix it...but please be responsible next time.

4. Becoming part of the crew (mod)...
If you want to be part of the crew here, send Elephant Babies a PM and she will reply with the requirements to do so.
If you do not stay active (without notice) as a crew member, you will be kicked off the team.

5. Credit anything and everything
If you take a picture of video or any type of news information from somewhere, be sure to credit the site or the user if that's what they require.

6. Any questions, problems, comments reguarding the guild
Please PM any of the mods or ask around the guild!
(The chatbox is always an active thread, ask there too.)

7. Donating gold to the guild
The gold that you donate goes towards purchasing new subforums which come in handy when organizing things. (We do not need any more donations for subforums-donated through the home page here.)
If you have an idea for a subforum, please visit the subforum thread in the discussion sub-forum.
Please, do donate through trades with Elephant Babies that can be spent on things guild related.

8. Planning an event
If there's a special event coming up and you want to plan a party for it, go ahead!
Set up a thread in the main forum (to become a sticky) and PM Elephant Babies to let her know so she can add it to the calendar.
The guild house (in towns) is always there for parties and get togethers!
(Let me know if you need the link to it.)

9. Super Junior/DBSK/SHINee News
When you have news you want to share,
make a thread in the appropriate forum with an appropriate title!
And be sure to include the date of the event.
If you can't find a date,
write [No Date] and hopefully someone from the crew will come across it and add a date.
Don't post in the main thread unless it's an introduction [see number 10].

10. That's the end!
Now that you've gone through rules, regulations, what not,
go ahead and introduce yourself to the guild!
In the main forum [Super Junior x DBSK x SHINee] make a thread and tell us about yourself!


Thanks for joining the guild and I hope you have a great time here!