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Inside you'll find:
  • Friendly members
  • A therapy subforum
  • A place for art and writing
  • Gamers
  • Oh so sweet memories
  • A place to roleplay
  • A place to get help
  • A place to discuss avatars and tekteks

STD is a place where you can hang out and let loose. To be a member here you have to be open-minded. If not, our Nazis will eat your left shoe. =[

We don't aim to be a huge guild with lots of members, but, instead, a guild where you can come together to talk, make new friends, and live like a second-family.

We ask that you post, at the least, twice a month. We understand that things come up and you cannot be active at all, and if a situation does arise we ask that you contact the current Guild Captain (Unwritten Text) informing them of the situation.

STD is also a semi-literate to literate guild, so we aren't too picky when it comes to spelling and capitalization. But people who "typ lk ths" will not stay very long. Seriously, they're called vowels. Use them.

Now that all the technical, introduction crap is over with...


Literate Sanctuary

Snid-bits from our conversations
A [Grim] Silhouette
Maybe their villages were plundered and pillaged by marauding leprechauns astride beaver-tailed babies?

Superficial Muffin long as there is booze and pr0n I'm satisfied even if I did just get kidnapped by a 13 year old. 3nod

Slave of a Shadow
Daisuke Izuki

What do you mean?
Are you telling me that a grown man who happens to have a job, and lots of $1 dollar bills can't have it without being considered a pimp-person-thing?
I am APPALLED! scream

No, I'm telling you my older brother can't have a job and a lot of $1 bills without being considered a pimp-person-thing.


Scooter Drive By

RAPE!!!! RAPE!!!!! RAAAAAPE!!!!!!!

A [Grim] Silhouette could you think that the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a sexually-transmitted disease.

What, do you get it by breathing a girl's v****a?


Flufftastic Fluffy
Add the gorilla glue and duct tape, and STD will be indestructible. I like the sounds of that >D

Flufftastic Fluffy
Twas the night before Christmas and all though STD
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Fluff
The stockings were hung by the ears of children's ears
In hopes that Text and Skitt would take over the world.

Kay, I'll admit I'm not Edgar Allan Poe but that's 100% bullshitted awesomness.

Besides that, MERRY CHRISTMAS/OTHER HOLIDAY STD, I hope you all have a good one >:]

Flufftastic Fluffy
You can't just have a secret crush on one of us, it HAS to be all of us. STD comes in one huge bundle of awesomeness, all for the one time cost of $19.95 +shipping and such~