Creativity, Contests, Chatting? Something Like That. Fun, Friendly, Freaky? Something Like That. Roleplaying, Games, and Sexyfine People? Something Like That!

Welcome to Something Like That, where you can find everything listed above and more in this casual, international guild. 3nodding Originally designed to be a simple getaway from the drivel of the CB, SLT quickly became the home-base for a bunch of very beautiful people. emotion_yatta Make new friends and chat. Come, join our role-plays and participate in our games and contests. Got an issue you don't know how to handle? We're there for you, man. emotion_brofist We offer so much more with you being able to post freely without fear of being spammed and flamed. That's always a plus, right? emotion_dealwithit

And how did we ever dream up our crazy name? Why not join and ask us directly! cool Kekekekekekekekekekekekeke!!!!

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Hey! Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one staring at the guild donation box. Instead of donating through that, we ask that you, instead, send your donations to our guild mule, My Fee is Way Too Good. And hey, add him as a friend while you're at it. That's one more friend on your friends list, right? XD