Smooth-t-t-talker's guild

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-No spamming
-No bad language
-Absolutely no guild bashing (doesn't make you look good,
every guild that is an enemy to ours is just as nice)
-Treat others with respect
-And most important: Keep the cotent PG 13 if at all possible

anything at all, but if there's any subject matter not appropriate to the standards,
they will be banned from the guild, no acceptions
I don't want anything like that on my guild. OK?......super

Contest information:
We have contest that are available for those who want to test their luck.
of course prizes are available for the winners. And don't worry, for those of you that don't win,
runners up will not go home empty handed.

Stores and donations:
This guild will include stores that some of my members have opened up to the public.
these stores are available to anyone and everyone.
We will also have a place for people with uncompleted quests of their own.
a place for people with little or no money,
who can ask others respectively to donate to their cause

RPG Role play:
New to this guild is a system of RPG Role play.
Where based on the guidelines of the maker,
one can express themselves through words and their imagination.
Anyone is free to make contributions to ideas for more RPG like stories.

Much much more:
And it doesn't end there.
while this guild is still standing, there will always be things going on.
They may stay, and they may go, so you have to pay attention (you might even get a free item)
So join Smooth-t-t-talker's guild today and become a part of the future leading guild of tomorrow

Random nonsense:
I decided to add some random pictures to the guild home page because
i want it to take up more space. most guilds have tons of things to say
on their guild home page(most of it is rules),
but I'm not one to add simple things explaining nothing and keep it going on and on and on.....

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the last thing i want to introduce is........