This guild is for all the intelligent slipknot lovers out there!

We are THE Top Slipknot Guild Here On Gaia

Now hosting a Monthly Web show for guild updates!
Enjoy. smile
The webshow is up and running.

Please put this application in your guild request.
Favorite band member(s):
Favorite song(s):
Favorite album(s):
Reason why you want to join:
Will you follow the rules?

By joining this guild you hereby agree to
1. Posting on a REGULAR basis. We can't stress this enough. If you're not able to post for a while, simply say so in our Absence thread. If we find that you don't post enough, you will be warned and, if lack of activity persists afterwards, you will be banned with no possibility of coming back in.
2. Being subject to slipknot fan talk.
3. (some) Vulgarity.
4. Some instances where you may feel like you should donate to us (We Don't Need Any Of Your Gold - You're Doing Your Part Just By Joining And Posting)
5. Moments where you may be hit in the face with a shovel.

Other than those downsides you will learn to love us. Please no begging for donations, no joining just to clutter up our boards with useless banter and advertisements, and please... Be cool about stuff... If something offends you... Shut up D

1. We expect you to post on a REGULAR BASIS, or at least when you can.
2. Do not clutter up the main forum - it is for Slipknot Fan Talk only we have Sub-forums for the other stuffs.
3. Be Polite. We, as of the minute, are a well mannered Guild. Threats, or purposely causing an argument, etc. Will not be accepted.
4. PLEASE, we can not stress this enough, Please attempt to use correct grammar and spelling as much as possible.
5. Do not offer, or attempt to request meeting other members via our guild, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. Doing so will result in a warning, persisting further after that warning you will be permanently banned.
Punishment Scheme
First Warning; A Moderator will inform you of this warning, and you will be told to drop said offense before your Temporary Ban.
Temporary Ban; This will last one week, however Moderators do have the option to increase time given depending on severity of offense.
Permanent Ban; We'd have thought you'd have understood the rules clearly after the first two. ''/

Please do not donate to the guild,
We have more than enough in our Guild fund.
Thank you for your effort,
If you wish to donate,
Please donate to the Guild Mule
All of your Gold goes towards Guild competition prizes.