Once, many years ago, there was a war between the many different ralms and races of the world. Many were killed in cold blood, it was said that if the bodys of the war were laid next to each other they could circle the entire world twice over, at least. No one knows how or why the war was started but everyone knew it had to end, one way or another.
One fateful day an old dying prophet predicted a solution
"the children of a thousand lands will someday bring peace to this scarlet-ridden world...
Day and night, shadow and light, all will yield to them.
The road is filled with darkness and pain...but they will brave every single obstacle. United, they will stand, to decide the tide of the war and claim victory as theirs. Those were his last words, as well as his last wish.

User Image Now, in hopes that the old prophet's words were true, the prophet's grand daughter opened the Shototsu Hoshin Academy to bring hope and peace to the lands. Now, even though Shototsu Hoshin Academy has not been operational for very long, there are powers getting worried that the academy might be successful in its mission to end the war, and have begun to bring the war to the academy.
1.Your character may curse, but please don't make every other word a cuss word.
2. Please no covering in the guild, take it elsewhere.
3. There is romance, but do not go too much into detail, please keep it PG-13 or take it to the PMs if need be.
4. There will be violence, but please don't go all out on details.
5. Characters must be approved by the captain or a vice captain
6.There is currently no character limit, but if one becomes inactive the captain or one of the vice captains will have to ask you to delete it.
7.Be kind to your fellow guild members(crew included)
8. Do not god mod, if you think some thing may be unfair or god mod please notify the captain, crew or vice captains.
9. Have fun! biggrin
10. Follow the rules, if you don't there will be punishment acordingly.

*note: This is an anime base guild, but it is not limited to just the anime mentioned in the tags, if you would like another anime and or character skelly let the captain or a vice captain know and they will deside weather or not it should be added
Ver.2.0, what's that mean? Well, recently the guild has gone into a state of hibernation, but, now we are coming back and stronger, better then ever.
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