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Inspired by the Nintendo DS game JUMP Super Stars, we brought you Shounen JUMP Chronicles. A Roleplaying guild where all of the worlds in Viz Media's Shonen JUMP are in.

Our aim is to combine all these anime world together in one Role playing Guild.

There are sub-forums for Bleach, Prince of Tennis and Kuroko no Basuke for now.

We will include other worlds when requested, as long as it's from Shounen Jump.

We are an open Role playing guild that accepts the use of both Cannon and Original Characters.


Bleach Verse Plot:

Setting: Three Centuries after the main plot line.

Years have gone by and Soul Society is now peaceful.So far, no war or threats have been rising up. But with a new General Commander, more over a girl which is surprisingly younger than the previous ones, will be Seireitei ready for a new and over looming threat that is coming to facing them? And what is this that have been going around that a few Shinigamis with some Captains are planning a civil war to throw down the current General Commander?

A new set of Espadas has been humored to be lurking around the human world. Not only in the famous Karakura town, but also in other cities. What is their goal?


To Join, we require a small RPing sample at your join request, unless invited. We would like for it to be literate. A Minimum of one paragraph with at least 3 sentences will do. You can use your own Original Character (OC) or use any character from Shounen JUMP


Please be literate on your Join Request.

Your Join Request is also your RP Sample.

If denied, you can PM the Owner, - M I N Z Y - A I R A Y -, for questions and help in Roleplaying.