Donations aren't the problem anymore, but now I have no one posting. Donations aren't worth anything if no one posts, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST!!! I SET A NEW RULE BECAUSE OF THIS: YOU MUST POST AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH OR YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GUILD!!!

Obviously, this is a shikamaru fan guild, so if you don’t at least know who shikamaru is then you shouldn’t be here, also, if you don’t know what Naruto is. Don’t diss the anime or manga of naruto or you will be immediately banned. Yaoi friendly, so if you diss yaoi you will get one warning then will be banned. Please keep profanity low to moderate, if you want to curse a lot, at least use things like @, $, and * signs instead of the actual letters.

Rule 1: No links unless ask me first or in designated places.
Rule 2: Most offenses will get 1 warning. Some will get 2. Do not make me angry and make me ban you. Spamming and dissing Naruto or Shikamaru will earn you immediate ban without warning.
Do not test this, as I am a bipolar person who WILL ban you.
Rule 3: Please ask people if you can join an Rp and read at least the last 3 pages so that you know what is going on.

1. CHAT FORUM: Chat about Naruto, other mangas and animes, books, games, etc... There will be one post where you can suggest changes and forums. NOTE: The suggested forums will be placed in second priority to forums that you PM me about as well as donate 300 gold.
2. FANFICTION FORUM: Please have a t-rating, although I will allow some higher ratings as long as it says it in the title. Blood and gore are automatically okay, but sex is a no unless it says it in the title or in a post before you start the actual story.
3. RP FORUM: Post what your OC(s) look like and their profile, there is a guideline for you to follow, please pm me with your bio BEFORE you post it here so I can review it and make sure you are not basically god-modding. Every time you make a character put it in here. RPing obviously also.
NOTE: If you want a forum put up and fits in with this category then donate 300 gold and PM me about it, it will be put up ASAP.
4. PICTURES FORUM: post pics of all sizes and subjects. not to be confused with the soon-coming FanArt Forum.
5. CONTESTS, AUCTIONS, AND MINISHOPS FORUM: sell stuff, auction stuff, create contests, be a part of contests.

1. CREW FORUM (LOCKED): for crew only.
2. FANART FORUM: post pics you make for any subject.
3. SPAN FORUM: post randomly for gold.

Send a message about why you want to join, and why you like Shikamaru. Also tell me what the last sentence in rule 2 is so that I know you read this.