A guild centered on Anime, Manga, and RolePlays based on the previous.
Members can also post fanfic(s) and add their own stories for review.
General Conversation section is for basic conversations only. and has
only the basic guidelines While everything else must abide to the site's
and threads rules. Live Action and animated cartoons are also allowed
to be discussed and used in the RPs.

This guild was made to focus on
Opening up the ability to Create and join Roleplays with out Spammers
and the Annoyances of people posting when they have not joined or are
apart of the thread.

DaViperDragon hope everyone gets a fair chance in this guild to express
their mind and works(heart) to the world, with little to no negative

The Rules
RULE #1...you must stay active. 1 post per month is fair.
Rule #2... JOIN REQUEST are required
Rule #3... Have Fun and be "yourself"