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                    Backwings - I am questing them!
                    I know many Gaians who want to quest them, but are like, "Spend Millions wutttttt?!" So I found a new love for contests and helping other Gaians with their quests as I get junk in return. It's a win win! This guild isn't only for me, it's for you too! We hold amazing contests and there is a forum where you can post your quests! Other fellow guild members in here love conversing with each other and making new friends. Join and you too will obtain gold AND make new friends! Isn't that what gaians are all about ;3?

                    Note If you're sending a donation to the guild, please send it over to me and not to the guild directly below. If you donate to the guild directly and not to me, the donations can only be used for making announcements and new posts. It can't be used for future contests, so please donate to me. C: Thank you!