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Welcome to RPAA: Role Play Addicts Anonymous!

A semi-literate to literate role playing guild. Join in as the stories unfold. Enhance your abilities as an RP-er.

Have fun!

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Let your imagination run wild!

Come and express your deepest feelings and dreams into your own little reality through description.

Rules: Follow them or be smited! User Image
((Rules are subject to change at any time.))

1. We don't talk about fight club.
2. CandyCane831 and The Fullmetal Princess are your leaders. Respect them as such. Neither of us are rude people and will always treat our members with the respect they deserve, and we expect you to return the favor.
3. Follow the ToS and the rules of the guild. Failure to comply may result in your banishment from the guild or, depending on the severity of the action, banishment from the site.
4. No Trolling/Flaming threads.
5. God-Modding is out of the question. Don't do it.
6. The RPAA is a literate Role Play guild, and all new RP threads must be OK'd by the Captain or Vice Captain before it can begin setup. Just send a message to either CandyCane831 or The Fullmetal Princess with your RP summary. If you need help setting up your RP, we will be glad to assist you.
7. The RPAA is a small community, so no fighting amongst members. If you have a problem with something another member is doing DO NOT ADDRESS IT YOURSELF! It is not your place to do so. Send your complaint in message form to either the Captain or Vice Captain, and we will take care of it in a polite and timely manner.
8. Romance is legal, but smut isn't. Gaia Online is a PG-13 site, please keep this in mind when you are RPing. Any questions on what is deemed appropriate? Refer to this site, the ToS, or ask CandyCane831 or The Fullmetal Princess.
9. Shuichi831 is our guild mule. You may donate to the guild itself, but those funds are only good for announcements and subforums. If you want us to give out random gold and prizes, then please donate to Shu-Chan so he doesn't eat the crew. (Your golds keep him alive, so don't starve him!)
10. When submitting a join request, it must start off with... "My name is <Insert Username Here>, and I am a Role Play Addict." This will let us know that you have read and understood the rules. <3

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In order to join the RPAA, you must... User Image

1. Read the rules.
2. Submit a join request of at least 4 sentences explaining why you want to join our guild.
3. Have previous Role Play experience. (If you say you do, we'll believe you, but posting links to past RP's you've been in or created won't hurt your chances. ;D)
4. Be able to post at least one three-sentence paragraph per post. Literacy is key in this guild. You don't have to be proper, but at least try. We're not Nazis here! <3
5. Be a fun-loving, and overall nice individual. CandyCane831 and The Fullmetal Princess don't like meanies. D:<