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We are here to create a unity under one house and bring honor to our vampire race... For far too long we have stood for nothing... Now we shall claim our honor and take back the night...

Receive your curse and eternal gift.
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There are so many stray vampires out there. If we can unite all the vampires, our power will be Godly. Divided we fall.

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Vampires have fascinated people throughout history, from the earliest Babalonians to twenty-first century movie goers.

But how much truth is there in these myths and legends? How many legends of other entities like ghosts, werewolfs, zombies, ghouls and revenants have become mixed with Vampire lore to create the undead monster we watch in movies like John Carpenter's Vampires and shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

On this guild we will try to explain the misconceptions about our fellow sapient species (I use the word species loosely as they are not truly separate from us) and attempt to categorize their types and behaviors.

I have been forced to simplify some concepts and invent some new terminology where the appropriate words did not exist but have tried to maintain easy to understand content throughout.

So, please feel free to browse the guild with an open mind and enjoy!

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