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Our Beginning

An old book laid open on a desk made out of cherry oak. The pages of the book are old and torn but still readable. On the pages is written our beginning. A tale that has been passed down through generations…It tells of how we began…

In the beginning there was only darkness...but it was conscious darkness.
For a long time it sat alone….until it started to crave for some sort of partnership. It halved itself and formed it's opposite, light.
Together they intertwined and formed into separate three entities.
The moon who was ever so lovely and kind.
The sun who was strong and brave but also full of pride along with a love for his own light...
and lastly the Earth, nurturing and loving but rebellious.
Then together they created our world….but...It was empty.

The Earth wanted to fill it with life but the sun disagreed because he didn't want the responsibility. So they turn to the Moon, who was sitting so quietly, listening to their bickering.
The moon then found herself in a unpleasant situation....

She loved the sun with all her heart but he was afraid to appear weak and give into his emotions. So he ignored her feelings as well as her. Even though he caused her great pain she still followed him and waited for him to accept her.

The Earth was ever so kind to the Moon. When ever the moon would weep the Earth was there to comfort her dear friend. The Earth took the Moon's tears and hung them in the sky at night to remind the sun what pain he was causing the moon...

The Moon feared that if she agreed with one the other one would hate her. So she could not agree with either one of them.

When the Moon decided that she couldn’t side with either of them she went to find the Sun first in hopes that she could convince him of working with the earth so that they would not argue anymore. She soon found him alone and he saw the Moon he admired her features. This stubborn immortal could no longer avoid his feelings he for her….So he gave in and finally accepted her…

Both moon and sun formed a relationship. The moon, with the help of the sun, created other Entities, the elements…in the process she halved her own light and gave it to her children so her light had faded and is not as strong as the sun's. The Moon then gave them to her sister, Earth, who gladly accepted the elements as her own. Then together the Earth and the elements created our world, but the world was so empty. The Earth and the Elements out number the Sun and he gave in to their request. Soon the land was filled with different kinds of beings to inhabit their empty world.

The rest of the words on the pages are too washed out the read. So the book is closed and put away on the self, where it is to be forgotten once again.

How to join:
1) Read to rules in the welcome forum. It's a public guild so you should be able to reach them.
2) In your request to join, send me an example of your role playing skills. You can copy a post and paste a post from a previous role play then use that as your sample.
I'm looking for semi lit to lit people.

Thats it!

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