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Welcome to the Red Line Factory!
Having problems with your latest art?

Post it in the red line factory! We'll help you find solutions smile !

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User ImageThis guild is about giving and receiving art critiques, basically.
This guild is about honest words; not cruel or sugar-coated words.

What are Red Lines? Red Lines are drawn over your art to help you see the changes you need to or could make. Kind of like how red pens are used to correct writing.

My art isn't that good... Great! Well, I mean, that's not really great, but the purpose of this guild is to help you improve.

Why should I post here instead of the art/WIP forums? You can post in both! This guild is more about people who are serious about improving. You may find better help here than on the big forums. I, for one, don't bother critiquing on the art/WIP forums generally. I want to help people who go the extra mile.

I can't red line. Well, I'm sure you can. You can even do it in paint. Just redraw lines in red that you think are incorrect.

I'm not good enough to red line! We'd prefer you try, but you can just write a critique, if you really don't want to do red lines.

That's all? Nope! That's not all. We're going to have contests a lot too! This will help you get practice in for a purpose!

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How Do I Join? Simply request to join! You don't have to give a reason. Right now, this guild is really new and any user that wants to join will be accepted. I've set the guild to automatically accept requests.
Members won't be removed, unless they cause problems.

As a side note, please do NOT donate to the guild bank.
If you want to donate for Contests & Prizes, you have to donate directly to Lady Emiri, as we cannot withdraw guild funds to purchase items for contests.

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Do not stretch pages with images.
Do give constructive criticisms.
Do not expect a critique, if you're not willing to give them. Preferably, users will exchange critiques- consider it a courtesy
Do thank users for critiques, although you may not agree with them, they took time to try and help.
Do not get upset. We are here to HELP you, by giving critiques. If you don't want them, you shouldn't be here.

v____ do NOT donate down there _____v