"The bases were destroyed in a single attack and the island torn to shreds because of it. The survivors adapted to their new environment and tried to start over in the Isis Sector. The Druid and Drakon populations were dwindled. In a kamikaze attempt to kill everyone, the Verimir were practically annihilated. The great war was finally over and the Humans built cities of stone and wood like they did so many years before. One thousand years have passed and nobody remembers the battles we fought, the men who lost their lives, nor the creatures we created. Society has been rebuilt and empires were formed. The land is divided once again and soon the Nuva-Ocea will be in chaos."

The Realm of Ishtmal takes place in the aftermath of a futuristic war in which Humans had to fight their own creation that was made to end another war. Ishtmal's legacy is one of chaos; He was born from chaos and created order, but chaos still exists in even the most organized environment. Chaos is needed for the realms to function properly.

Ishtmal is a Fantasy/Sci-fi/Medieval/Adventure/War RP and as such if you join your obligated to Role Play with the rest of us, hence why this is an RP guild. This is not a place for people to spam with unnecessary chatter (OOC aside) or to advertise another guild. If you wish to be an affiliate then message KillerWarrior13 with the appropriate details. He will decide* weather or not you could be an affiliate. This is a place for people interested in Roleplaying to roleplay (Of course)

*Affiliates should be somehow related to Ishtmal, like for instance another Roleplay or RP guild.

-={Guild Rules}=-

1- Gaia TOS
2- No "1337" Chat, it's annoying, and this is a literate guild.
3- No cybering, We don't care where you wish to stick whatever or what you plan on doing with a banana... keep it in the PM's and leave it out of the guild.
4- Godmods are for people who can't limit themselves, your characters aren't invincible, and you can't go off killing whoever you want.
5- Use grammar and punctuation, again, it's a literate roleplay and if you can't spell, use punctuation, then try your best. A few errors here and there won't be horrible
6- No spamming, it's annoying and pointless... POINTLESS
7- Common Sense- Don't go posting new threads without permission, don't roleplay without a character, and don't just know something that happened earlier that your character wasn't around to see.
8- Did you notice that if you look at one two and three their first letters spell out GNN? Random..
9-Long posts are fine, just no one-liners. Having a simple one line post isn't very entertaining and it makes you seem limited in your ability to roleplay.
10-Being active isn't a requirement and I'm sure your life may be full of other things to occupy it, but try and post when possible to keep the RP moving.
11-If you think any of the rules are strange, should be changed, or added, then please message KillerWarrior13.

In your application to the Guild you must include a reason for joining, which is simple really, and due to the character limit for applications, for a roleplay sample, do what you can and we'll see about it, or link to a roleplay you have participated in.