It is a guild that accommodates the needs of any Gaian, be it a military role play, a place to be a nerd (All kinds are welcome!), the status symbol of being one of Gaia's rich elite, or somewhere just to show off some plain old SWAG!

The home page of the forum is for all the random topics. You can post about seasons or even just talk about your day. It's all up to you!

The "Nerd Forum" is the go to place for everything involving video games, anime, manga, music, books, history, politics, science, etc, etc, etc. If you enjoy saying things like "lol!" "n00b" "roflcopter bbq" in everyday conversations with real people face to face, if you yearn for a place where you can discuss the finer points of Mozart/Mortal Kombat/Bleach/Catch-22, if you step into sunlight and instantaneously combust into flames, this is the forum for you to head to.

The Military RP Forum is for just that; military RPs. If you enjoy the nitty-gritty, terrifying adrenaline rush of combat but don't want to do any of that real "getting shot at" business, then this is the place for you. There is a multitude of RPs that will be available to members, be it realistic wartime RPing, or angels versus demons. If you enjoy RPing and think you can hold your own, lock and load, charge that laser, draw your sword, or throw your rock, soldier!

Do you enjoy the high life? Are you swimming in so much gold that you can literally fill it with a pool? Is there nothing your gold/Gaian cash can't buy? Do you see yourself as a Gaian Bill Gates or James Bond; rich, classy, and beautiful? If so grab a dry-martini, shaken, not stirred, of course, and stroll over to this forum, where you're free to discuss what you spend your money on, how you get so much of the stuff, and how many mansions and private yachts/jets you own.

The SWAG forum is for the fashionistas of Gaia. Here you can show off all your outfits, be it your favorite, one you'd like to get, or even ones that you think are cute/sexy/downright stupid. The world (Well, the forum, really) is your fashion oyster, just waiting to be taken.

Each forum is led by a vice captain, and each has their own set of rules unique to themselves. However, there are some general rules that everyone must follow regardless of forum:

Follow all Gaia ToS/rules

No bumping your threads. Ways that this can be done include
-"Bump" or any other random word or combinations of words to move your thread up
-Going into other threads and telling people to post in yours
No spamming in any way. Doing so will get you at the very least a temporary ban.