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The world is filled with puppets and their masters. A tournament is held to see who is the strongest Puppeteer. Do you have what it takes to join in a game with no rules. The Puppet Master that is able to defeat all of their opponents will hold the title Puppet King or Queen. The rest will be placed into ranks. If you want to move up in ranks challenge your desired rank; however, having a higher rank means the responsibility of taking care of the town and its people. Can you become the towns greatest puppeteer!?
1.Must listen to Captain or Vice Captain
2. If any questions or concerns arise PM the Captain or Vice Captain
3.You can't kill off a persons character with out their approval
4.No Godmode
5.Be Semi- Literate
7.Only Captain and Vice Captain can accept guild requests

To join
1.What made you interested in this guild?
2.Have you role played before?
3.Are you going to be active?