PSYREN is the deadliest game you have ever played. You receive a red phone card you use this phone card and you are sent away to a desolate world. This world is completely a desert (minus all the heat), with destroyed buildings everywhere, and not to mention monsters call tavoo everywhere. You are given one simple instruction when you enter this world fine the phone/gate or die. You are given a map and then you are by yourself. If you stay in PSYREN long enough you will receive a high fever and nosebleeds. Don't worry you're not dying, it just means your psionic powers are coming online. Yes I said powers. In the world of PSYREN you can receive powers from the air in the Atmosphere. There are 3 types of powers called Burst, Enhance, and Trance. These three powers will be explained later in your game. With these powers you are able to harness these powers you will survive PSYREN and return to your own world. So begin your Game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!