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Welcome to Projection Reformation! This is a guild for the b/c shop with the same name. Project reofrmation is home to the wulfine's. What are wulfines exactly? Well, in the image above you see two said wulfines. They originated as foxes, but through the experimentation took on a more wolf-like size and muscular structure. The new name combines the word 'wolf' with the scientific name for foxes, Vulpine. There are two set types of wulfines, Sickly and Beasty. This only describes the appearance, not the personality of the pet supplied by the labs.

Each person selected to receive a wulfine was tested for intelligence, responsibility, and other such important things. However, failure to take care of this pet may result in it being taken away from you by the nurses. Wulfine's can be domesticated or wild. If said wulfine is wild, it was produced by two domesticated wulfines and abandoned. Said wild wulfine's should be reported to headquarters to be genetically altered to be domesticated. These wulfine's will then be re-offered to selected owner's to be taken care of.

Welcome to the wild world of the wulfines. Our technology has set up a wide expanse of area just for your pet to roam on. At the end of the day, each wulfine is signaled to come back to its certain area. If a wulfine is outside its designated area by sundown, then they run the risk of corrupted DNA.


The labs that have created the wulfines stand out amongst all other buildings. This is where people report to be either granted or denied a wulfine. Also, the good doctors of the lab may end up giving a taste of what they could possibly create.

Your GIL is given to you along with your pet. It contains all possible information on your specific wulfine. Owner's are encouraged to fill out the GIL's of their wulfine's but it is not required.