The year is 2301 things have changed. In 2020 China became more of an exspansive power invading mongolia and afganistan. By 2021 after a swift victory,a more brutal dictator is placed in office. Chairman Chang. China goes from a capitalistic state to a hardcore maoist-marxsist state. North korea and south korea,were annexed by china after the 2nd korean war of 2023. In the United States technology has been advancing. By 2050 most diseases will be cured,flying cars will enter the consumer market and genetic technology will be created to edit the human body to any shape or form.
In 2035 China invades japan in Operation Setting Sun. Japanese exports to the US are chopped off and China embargos the USA. In 2036 Chinese nationalists destroy the united nations and the UN is dismantled. In europe NATO and the European Union collapse. Russia invades Ukraine and Georgia. In 2050 the US is seeing an Econamic boom. People are editing their bodies to their liking,furries are common along with sex changes that can be preformed in an instant.
This peace era and prosperity do not last long as in 2071 China launches a full scale invasion of the USA. Both sides launch missles at eachother,major cities are in ruin, civil war breaks out in each country In china a cue to restore the emperor to the throne has gone underway,while tibetan nationalist sucede from china,tibet has been freed. The Republic of China or Taiwan deploys troops to Hong Kong and kowloon to reunite china under democracy. Korea was put back under the joseon dynasty and Japan is a full monarchy again as the japanese diet is destroyed.
The united states are now in bitter factions,in Maryland,washington DC,Deleware and south jersey a group called the New Kingdom of babaloyn takes power,renaming the destroyed city of washington DC as New Babaloyn. The south rises again along with texas. California forms the pacific states of america while in the north the powerful New England Common wealth takes power in Boston,one of the few cities spared from the nuculer disaster.