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Eclipse of Worlds is a roleplay with persistent and dark themes. You won't find a story here where the "power of friendship" saves the day.
If you aren't ready to have your characters subjected to pain and possibly death, then turn right around darlings~

User Image>Welcome to a world you've only ever dreamed of. A region filled with nothing but Pokemon who've dedicated their lives to helping one another.
Create a team consisting of a captain and co-captain and start your adventure! Make friends along the way, make enemies, fight to defend the guilds from danger! Rise in the ranks and transfer to one of the other guilds which each has a specific career they focus in!
Are you a mercenary? An Explorer? A Rescuer?
Find out yourself and join today!

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Once there were no guilds. The region, without a name, was filled with chaos and mayhem. There was no order, no central government. There was only fighting and pain.
A legendary by the name of Darkrai took advantage of the madness and enslaved the God Kyogre in a sealed cave at the bottom of the ocean. Without Kyogre's powers available to balance those of his companion legendary, Groudon, the world began to heat up. It would not rain, the sun burned across the land and seared the plants and lakes. Rivers stopped running, Pokemon began to die, the world was in peril.
Then a single Pokemon stepped up and exclaimed he'd had enough. Orion Eclipse, a young, gray Espeon at the time, decided that Darkrai needed to be put in his place.
A great battle was fought, many died, but in the end Orion sealed Darkrai away for 50 years. Within his empty void the dark legendary plotted his inevitable escape...

The hero Espeon established the Guild of Eclipse to maintain order. He was backed by Arceus who helped to bring up four more guilds as well as a central command for the guilds known as the Guild of Rebirth.
Peace rang throughout the region that now bore the same name as it's first guild. The region of Eclipse.
It was around the time the other guilds were being established that Orion and his mate, an Umbreon named Andromeda, decided it was time for their new kingdom to have a heir. But it was much to their surprise when not one but three children came to them; two sons that they named Jupiter and Pluto along with a daughter named Venus. The two sons grew and eventually fought one another for the right to rule, but the eldest son Jupiter came ahead.
And thus began the rule of the three siblings with Jupiter as the leader, Pluto as his second-in-command and Venus as the third-in-command.
Jupiter and his wife Vesta bore twin siblings, an honest and straightforward son they named Solaris and a cunning and dedicated daughter they named Selena.
When Solaris was named heir, Selena struck out at her father and in her rage she ended his life. In horror, shame and anger she fled the kingdom to create her own guild. For a long time the two siblings seemed irreconcilable as they battled one another, but eventually greater threats drew them together and they made peace.
Not long after, Selena was slain and in time the problems came to a head. Darkrai had returned and was manipulating things from behind the scenes; having destroyed Rebirth and brought the guilds to their knees, they lashed out in desperation.
And they won. The menace was slain, peace was restored and the world was fine once more.
Times have changed, the balance of the world was once in peril because of Darkrai but thanks to the guilds it has been restored.
Time can only tell how long the peace may last and while the guilds have been restructured and reorganized you must ask yourself one thing:
Are you up to the task of defending them?

User ImageHow to Join:User Image
-oo1. Have you read this entire page? If not go do it now before proceeding to step two!
-oo2. Are you at least Semi-literate? If not forget #oo3 and just leave.
+--Semi-lit means, basic knowledge of the English language. We expect posts to be of a reasonable length given the content. Not every post has to be five paragraphs long, but you can always type more than one or two sentences!
-oo3. Click the Join button at the top.
In your Join Request include your Captain Pokemon's name, gender and species as well as an RP sample.
{All teams start in the Guild of Eclipse}
Captain must be First Stage, no Legendary or One Time Capture Pokemom.
[In game this means non-legendary you can only catch once, IE Spirtitomb, Rotom...
Once you've been accepted head Here to learn how to get started!

User ImageThe GuildsUser Image
The Guild of Eclipse
-As the largest of the guilds and the first established it is the best guild for rookie members to join when they first start off!
Once you hit Rank Two you may choose to transfer if you wish!

The Guild of Roaring Thunder
-The guild of mercenaries! The Guild of Roaring Thunder will do any job regardless of how dirty it gets. They work with theft, assassination and jobs that focus more on speed and agility than brute force or planning.

The Guild of Blazing Fire
-If you're ambitious and burning with a passion then this is your guild! The Guild of Blazing Fire houses the majority of Rescue teams who do their duty to assist Pokemon in any way they can.

The Guild of Crushing Ice
-Why fight when you can explore? The Guild of Crushing Ice is the exploration team, who focuses primarily on uncovering new areas and discovering treasures or secrets!

User ImageOther GuildsUser Image

The Guild of Rebirth
Central government and mediator of the guilds, Rebirth acts as the negotiator and peacekeeper of the reason. Their primary job is to maintain the order and balance of the guild systems. They are the highest power in the region, anything and everything goes through Rebirth first.

The Guild of Seasons
A newly discovered guild in a chain of islands off the coast of the region, it is home to a whole bunch of new Pokemon known as the fifth gen!
They tend to pop up every now and then and are always the life of the party.
As a matter of fact, now that they've been added into the guild system officially, planning events is their main job.