Experience the Gaia Region, with new pokemon to capture and new legendary pokemon which are the three legendary fairys which are Irou, Krus and Wonder Magician and the three trainer creators which are Aero Veedra, Leviath Dragon and Utopia also there's a Team Rocket branch here too, but PSICOM the Law Enforcement of this region, is keeping Team Rocket in line, and Team Rocket has a long war with PSICOM

Here are the rules

1 No Godmodding

2 No killing other characters and their pokemon, unless they say so.

3 Keep Romance PG13

4 No cybering

5 This is an anti-no post whorring rule zone

6 Have fun

7 Only post the types that are listed, no death types, or other types that are not in the list of Pokemon.

8 Please be active, at least post once a day.