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Hello, Welcome to PSBU
Also known as.
P - Pinoy
S - Sisters
B - Brothers
U - United
The guild is made for the Pinoy sisters and brothers to get along with each other.
This guild will mostly be a guild pinoy family where one can enjoy.
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You can find us in Mtv
Server hollywood 1
Room Pinoy mtv
By joining us you will be accepted already and considered as a PSBU family member.
Don't be shy, join us and come share what's on your mind with the Filipino guild.
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1. Be happy.
2. You are free to troll (Just don't overtroll where you'll start to create a big mess that'll leave a hole in our relationships)
3. Respect each other.
4. Try your best to socialize.
5. If you have Problems with the Rules, Please Consult the PSBU STAFF
6. Lets all follow the TOS
7. Follow these Rules and you will be fine
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