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Welcome to Paranormal Lovers!!
We are a guild that is built around the mystery of the unexplained phenomena that often lands places on a haunted locations list.

We are a pretty new guild so things will be growing as we do! We appreciate suggestions and feedback to help us imporve the guild as well.

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A Little About Us
There are a few things below you need to read, but let's talk about what is inside this package.

The guild contains areas for you to talk about and share experiences you have had with the paranormal. However it also has an area for you to just be yourself and talk about whatever you want to. There awaits topics for role-playing too, though we encourage you to role-play things with similar topics as the guild you are welcome to create one with other topics too.

While your hanging around waiting on replies or a new haunting tale to be posted stop by the quizzes and contests, we just may have something fun for you to figure out, or maybe some cool prizes to give away.

We dearly hope you join our little community, we anxiously await to hear your stories and share our own.

Basic Rules
♦ Be nice to each other
♦ Respect the Crew, Vice Captains, and Captain
♦ Follow Gaia TOS
♦ Keep posts in the appropriate topics and subforums
♦ Read all announcements
♦ Keep it so you can be PMed by the Crew, Captain, or VCs

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Before Joining please let us know a little about you in your join request:
How you found the guild:
Do you have paranormal experiences?:
Do you role-play? If yes how literate are you?:
Can you make and edit banners and pictures for the guild?:
Anything else you want to tell us: