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One piece was started in 1997 by Eiichro Oda and since then has become a truly global phenomenon. It's story inspires people to follow their dreams and never give up when things seem impossible. It is therefore why I dedicate this forum to that show. This is a place to celebrate the creation that is 'One piece' and all the things it represents. It is also a place where we can delve into our own little adventure and become the best pirate or marine we can be.

Rules of the Guild:
- Normal Gaia ToS rules apply
- Follow Role Playing Guidlines (If RPing)
- Be polite and understanding of others

Why join this guild?
- Role Playing with Rewards for high achievers.
- AMV/Fan Fiction/Avi design Compotitions with Item and Cash prices
- Discussion on the Anime and Manga with links to new released episodes and chapters
- Build a crew and make new friends.