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Welcome to Omniverse 73!

We started out as just a Batman TAS based rpg and have since grown exponentionally into other rpgs and decided to gather all our profiles and chats into one solid location. That place being here, the omniverse of all comic book based rpg's that we create and take part in.

For those of you curious about the number designation, that is because our rpg's do not follow true canon as most know it. We'll take for example; ideas from a certain time in the Avengers storyline and then modify it, add in new events, change how things happened and ultimately answer the question of 'what if'. As a result, when you look at our rpg's, you'll see many of your favourite heroes and villains but not always doing what you expect of them and quite frankly, we love it! Why limit yourself to preconceptions of how a character should be when you can explore that character with your own spice of creative influence and share that with others willing to do the same?

That's why we are here; we chose to take our favourite stories and re-imagine them and we invite you to come join us so long as you are willing to keep an open mind and give a good effort in role playing that is!

Our current on going stories include:

DC Universe: Earth 73

Young Justice: Earth 73


Rules of the Guild can be found here.