User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Most of us have seen a few ways to do magick. Usually, these are expressed through the systems of wicca, pagans, witchcraft, or wizardry. I have looked through many of these methods, and do not find them effective for myself. I offer today an alternative view to the way things work, without discrediting the effectiveness of any other forms of coming into power.

So look around! If you like what you see, you can join. If you don't, you can join as well, everyone enjoys a good debate. In this guild, everyone is expected to: Contribute, agree/disagree, offer alternative views, dispute the truth of things being said, etc.

On top of magick and energy, I intend for this to be a friendly place where we can get to know our fellow gaians. Note that the more general talking will be put in it's own section.


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1] Do not offer your name within the guild. Some forms of magick allow control through naming, making it dangerous to make public. Nicknames or gaia names are preferable to your true name/birth name.
2] No trash-talking. People within the guild are here to offer their views, not to be bullied. Keep swearing to a minimum, and give validity to everyone's ideals.
3] In your join request, put a few hobbies and interests of yours.
4] After joining, post in the 'Newbies' section before posting anywhere else. There will be more details on letting people get to know you.
5] Crew members may be assigned to specific parts of this guild if it gets too large to manage solo. What any crew member has to say is law, and staying in the guild depends on you following rules.
6] No soliciting. This is not a place to advertise/sell things.
7] Contrary to #6, you are allowed to post websites that you think are relevant to the current conversation. (ex. "I need to find a place to buy herbs" Then help people out. This is not soliciting because the person is asking for a reference)
8] Literacy: Do not berate people for their literacy rate. This is not a place to call people on literacy. No matter how literate you are, you are welcome here.
9] #8 being said, please try to post things that actually mean something. Posts such as 'ok,' bumping, or few-word sentences usually don't give us enough information to adequately respond.
10] Put your favorite element (energetically or magickally) in your join request so I know you read the rules.
11] Last but not least, Have fun!

*note: Do not donate to this guild. It can only be used for subforums, and I have that taken care of.