°Does the world of literary entice you? Are you taken back by the never ending excitement that comes from simply writing a sentence? Does RPing take you to many worlds that you dream about?
Well my friend you are in the right place.

[↘Never Ending Scribbles↙

•¤ Creativity

•¤ Contests

•¤ Love for RP

•¤ Activity

•¤ Funny People]

This is what NES is, and more!
There is just about every type of RP in here!
And if you don't find what you're looking for, make it, or message me! We'll get some thing going!

°How do I join you may ask?:
It's quite easy actually. All I need is a Semi. Lit., Lit., or Adv. Lit. RP sample.
If you don't know what a RP sample is... Hit yourself in the head multiple times... I think it will come to you.

°If you seriously don't know, it's a sample of your RolePlay skills.
If you can't fit your sample in the application send it me.
I'll review it. When you're accepted, I'll message you saying so.
If you are rejected, I'll also send you a message explaining why.
You are free to apply as many times as you want, though it shouldn't be necessary to apply more than once.
I'm pretty open minded =]

°Hey, instead of donating to the guild itself. Please donate to our mule, NeverEndingScribbles-Mule. That way we can open up awesome things such as contests, giveaways, etc. =3°

° Have fun, and enjoy the curious world of RP.•°
Rules , Help, & Introduction.

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-Kaiya Hytoshi(Captain)